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The Value of Wood Skids

12-02-2015   Post by | Admin

The single greatest use of wood in the United States is pallets and skids. Made from a variety of wood species and used by many different industries, wood skids provide tremendous value. Often, skids are designed and built for shipping a specific product but because it is not cost effective to return them to the original sender they get reused. From a business perspective, you want to order wood skids from a reputable company so you know your product will be delivered safety or stored securely.Although the primary wood species used in making skids is oak, many companies like Tree Brand Packaging have found that other hardwoods work just as good, if not better. For this reason, this company makes wood skids from Southern Yellow Pine, which is an extremely hard and durable wood.

Technological Advances

Even though the making of wood skids still requires some manual labor, overall the design and manufacturing aspect is different. Using your specifications or based on expertise provided by a professional within the company, the exact type of skid is determined according to need. From there, CAD software is used to design the skid, followed by it being manufactured. Even when being made, Tree Brand Packaging uses new technology for wood skids. A perfect example is the heat treatment that raw materials go through if your product will be exported.

To prevent mold and plant insects from entering foreign countries, very strict regulations are in place. The experts with Tree Brand Packaging are aware of what these rules are and therefore, specially treat the wood used to make skids so ultimately, your product makes it through customs without delay.