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Tree Brand Packaging Launches Coil Storage Rack Systems 

 14-02-2017   Post by | Admin 

Tree Brand Packaging, based in Charlotte, NC, has announced the addition of two heavy-duty hardwood Coil Storage Racking Systems to its range of specialty packaging for steel service centers.  According to Mike Drake, GM, Tree Brand’s Tennessee Division and a steel industry veteran, “Our Coil Racks are designed and custom manufactured to safely and effectively handle ‘master steel coil’, and protect it from product damage.”  Tree Brand stated that enhanced safety – the ability to secure the multi-ton coils and keep them from rolling is a major benefit of its Coil Racking System.  Eliminating contact with the abrasive materials on the floor also “maintains product integrity and reduces scrap,” Drake explained.   

Tree Brand’s Coil Racks are available in several sizes for service center coil handling and storage applications. The standard two coil rack will accommodate coils with up to 72 inch outside diameter. With the use of customer supplied side plates and bolts, these racks can be joined end to end in order to store an unlimited amount of steel coils in a safe and secure row. We also offer single coil racks for smaller locations, or for end of row applications. For details on all available sizes and applications contact Tree Brand Packaging.   

Tree Brand is a family-owned manufacturer and custom service provider currently operating from three facilities in the Southeast.  Tree Brand’s primary lines of business are: Custom Pallets & Skids; Custom Crates & Boxes; Specialty Packaging; Packaging Procurement Solutions; and Value-Added Packaging Services.       

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