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Tips on Choosing the Best Shipping Crates Manufacturer in Atlanta

24-02-2017   Post by | Admin

If you are interested in finding a manufacturer of shipping crates in Atlanta, making the right decision is actually much easier than you might think. As with any other product, you want to purchase the highest quality shipping crates available but for a competitive price. Following are some tips for accomplishing this very goal.

  • Local Manufacturing Company – Start by looking at local Atlanta crating companies. Because you can pick the crates up or have them delivered, as opposed to the crates being shipped, you will save money. However, when you choose a local company, you are supporting the very community where you live and work. 
  • Type of Crates – You want to look for a manufacturing company that offers the exact type of crates that you need. This includes material as well as size. If a manufacturer already has the appropriate crates as part of their inventory, you are not left waiting weeks for them to arrive. This is especially important in situations when time is of the essence.
  • Experience and Expertise – Not all wood crate manufacturers are the same. In fact, there are often significant differences in what they offer. In looking at various companies, take the time to learn about their history. In particular, you want to know about the manufacturer’s experience specific to designing and/or making crates, but also the skill level involved.
  • Guarantee – When shopping for your wooden shipping crates, they should come with a guarantee. A reputable and trusted manufacturing company will stand behind every product sold. A solid product guarantee should definitely be part of your criteria for choosing the right manufacturer.
  • Customer Support – The best manufacturing company for crates in Atlanta will offer you unrivaled customer service. Regardless if you need help determining the right product for its intended purpose, or you have questions about the different species of wood available, you deserve to be treated as a valued customer.
  • Pricing – Even if the price for high-quality crates is not an overwhelming concern to you, there is no reason to pay more for a product than necessary. By comparing prices between different manufacturers, while keeping experience and expertise at the forefront, you will have no problem in narrowing your choice to just one company.

At Tree Brand Packaging, we provide everything mentioned. We take immense pride in offering our customers a unique buying experience. For quality crates in Atlanta, please give us a call so that we can help.