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Using Tru-Rail Plastic Lumber for Storing Metal

12-01-2015   Post by | Admin

While it might seem strange to use plastic lumber for storing metal, this is one of the very services that Tree Brand Packaging offers. Known as â€úSpecialty Packagingâ€Ě, this consists of design and innovative materials coming together for an extremely innovative solution. The plastic lumber for storing metal is called the â€úTRU-RAIL Returnable Support Packaging Systemâ€Ě, which is a more cost-efficient alternative to skids made from wood. This type of lumber provides outstanding protection for products associated with the metals industry, as well as a variety of other shipping applications.

Key Benefits

The list of benefits associated with Tru-Rail plastic lumber for storing metal is quite extensive but below are a few examples of how this Tree Brand Packaging product outperforms.

  • Air Particles – With the Tru-Rail system, there are no airborne granular dirt or wood dust particles
  • Cleaner and Safer Work Environment – With this type of plastic lumber being dust, nail, and splinter free, the environment in which the product is manufactured is much cleaner and safer
  • Ergonomics – Handling is more ergonomic since Tru-Rail consists of component-based rails and separator system
  • One-Piece Construction – Risk of injury from protruding fasteners is also prevented
  • Protection – Without question, Tru-Rail offers outstanding product protection, especially damage caused by rust
  • Returnable Support Packaging – Compared to wooden skids, shipping Tru-Rail material, as well as returning plastic runners is more economical. Wood takes up a tremendous amount of space so when skids are returned, even the air between the boards is being paid for whereas with Tru-Rail, void areas are dramatically reduced
  • Smooth Extruded Surface – With this, risk of injury caused by splinters is eliminated
  • Space Efficient – Based on the design of Tru-Rail storage needs, as well as transport footprints are reduced

Unique Options

You have two primary options when it comes to plastic lumber for storing metal to include hollow and solid. Both of these versions are used for transit and in-house applications. The exacttype of system used will depend primarily on load capacity but also bundle requirements. You also have the ability to order both versions to fit the sheet of length.

Specific characteristics of this plastic lumber for storing metal include the following:

  • • Runner lengths in one-foot increments that range from 2 to 12 feet
  • • Customized branding or labeling to facilitate returnable support packaging
  • • Used individually for flexible placement in support of bundled sheet products for the metals industry
  • • Greener alternative to standard plastic and wood
  • • Runners and spacers are manufactured from HDPE engineered plastic resins that are 100% recycled
  • • Tremendous dimensional stability
  • • Extended trip life
  • • More cost-efficient
  • • Resistant to rust, oil, and moisture
  • • Eliminates the need for excess paper packaging

Tru-Rail is the ultimate solution when it comes to plastic lumber for storing metal. By working with a professional from Tree Brand Packaging, the result will be an exceptional skid unlike any other.