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Opportunities in Using Wood Crates in Charlotte

29-12-2015   Post by | Admin

Although wood crates in Charlotte are often used for shipping product nationally and internationally, they provide another key service as well. Because wood is strong and durable, many designs can be stacked. Therefore, wood crates are an exceptional solution when storing items in a warehouse.

When the time comes that you need to purchase wood crates in Charlotte, whether for shipping or storing product, it is imperative to turn to the best. Tree Brand Packaging has a long history of excellence. Professionals within the company have incredible expertise in materials, processes, value-added services, technology, national and international shipping laws, and most of all, customer service.

Determining Design

The first course of action is deciding on the right design according to specific need. For this, you have two options, provide the company with specifications or work with an expert who can make appropriate recommendations. Once the size and configuration of the wood crates in Charlotte have been determined, a professional with Tree Brand Packaging will create a CAD drawing from which the crate is manufactured.

The exact type of wood will also need to be determined. Unless you have a very specific preference, again a company professional can go over the pros and cons of the different materials offered to suggest the right one based on the type of product, fragility of the product, destination, volume, and more.

The goal of Tree Brand Packaging is to meet your demands but in the most cost-efficient manner possible. For this reason, the company never looks at two applications as being the same. These professionals understand that all industries and products are unique and for that reason individualized and customized solutions are offered.

Many of the materials needed to construct wood crates in Charlotte are already on hand but if raw materials are not part of the inventory, the company has strong relationships with a number of highly respected suppliers. Because of this, you can have wood crates in Charlotte made from the right material and without the project being delayed. The types of woods offered by Tree Brand Packaging include:

·         Hardwood

·         Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)

·         Spruce, Pine, Fir (SPF)

·         Plywood

·         OSB

·         Particle Board

·         Fiberboard

·         Chipboard

·         Composite Board

·         Corrugated Paperboard