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Making a Workshop Foundation with Wooden Skids

 28-11-2016   Post by | Admin 

If interested in building a new workshop, one of the first and most important decisions to make has to do with the foundations. Although you can consider different options, wooden skids are an excellent choice.

Obviously, your workshop will need a foundation, since having your workshop on the ground would create a number of problems due to the effects of shifting soil and moisture. Your new workshop will need to be anchored to something so that it remains upright and sturdy on windy days and during seasonal cycles of snow and thaw. While you can always go with a cement foundation, wood skids offer more and better benefits.

You will have no problem finding wood skids for sale at an affordable price. By saving money on wood skids in Atlanta, you can spend less on the overall project or use the savings to add even more features onto your workshop. Even if you choose custom wooden skids, the price is much lower than cement and other foundational materials.

Wooden Skids

It is common to see wooden skids used as the foundation for workshops and sheds. If this is the route you want to take, start by locating a flat area on which to build. Then, you will need to add a flat bed of gravel. This will provide a stable surface on which to lay landscape timbers or wood skids. Another reason for putting a bed of gravel down is that water will drain and the timber or skids will remain dry. 

Based on the size and configuration of the workshop, you may need to cut the timbers or wood skids to fit the plans. Note that because the wood skids will come into contact with the ground, they should be treated first. That way, you never have to worry about rot and decay. In addition, put angled cuts on the ends of the wood skids. That way, if you want to move your workshop in the future, the process will be easier. Finally, place the floor on top of the wooden skids, nailing it securely in place.

For setting up the foundation of any workshops, wooden skids are the most preferred choice. It helps in providing provide a stable surface at affordable price.