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"From Concept to Final Product" - TBP is your Full-Service Sourcefor Custom Pallets, Skids, Crates, Cradles, Boxes,& Returnable Specialty Packaging.

Crates & Boxes

21-05-2015   Post by | Admin

Available in an almost infinite range of designs and configurations, TBP Crates & Boxes are currently used to package diverse products, from automotive door panels, hoods, and fenders, heavy industrial equipment, to military firearms. If getting your products safely through a brutal supply chain to their final destinations without damage is a challenge; Look to TBP for proven solutions.

Custom Crates & Boxes –
  • Designed & Built to Application Criteria

Protective Component Options:

  • Shock-Absorbing Floors
  • Floating Floors
  • Die-Cut Foam Inserts
  • Stabilization Blocks

Special Service Options:

  • Hinged Lids
  • Drop-Down Doors
  • Collapsible or Built
  • Quick-Assembly Clips
  • Skid-Mates
  • Heat Treated Lumber – ISPM 15 Certified
  • On-site Packaging Design
  • CAD design to customer specifications
  • Labeling, Stenciling & Bar Coding
  • Online Ordering Capability
Crates & Boxes