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Deathwatch in the Amazon

08-26-2019   Post by | Admin

The cover of this week's Economist "Deathwatch in the Amazon" arrived in my inbox while I was bouncing down logging roads in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Reading the article, I was dismayed to find no mention whatsoever of how sustainable forestry protects the rainforest, or of the role that wood products have to play in reducing carbon emissions...(Read full post on LinkedIn website)

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Wooden Coil Storage

04-18-2019   Post by | Admin

This is the design of the Coil Storage Racking System. If you want to download a copy just click here.


Tree Brand Packaging, Inc attended this years Automotive Packaging Summit at Clemson Univ. to discuss and dialogue various packaging ideas

11-09-2018   Post by | Admin

Just concluded speaking at Automotive Packaging Summit at Clemson University. Very informative to see all that's going on in automotive packaging and appreciate the opportunity to participate. You can check out the video took via this link here

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What to Look For in Wood Box Manufacturers From the USA

02-27-2017   Post by | Admin

Just because all wood box manufacturers make the same claims does not mean they all provide high-quality wooden boxes. In the United States, manufacturing companies use different types of wood and manufacturing processes.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Shipping Crates Manufacturer in Atlanta

02-24-2017   Post by | Admin

If you are interested in finding a manufacturer of shipping crates in Atlanta, making the right decision is actually much easier than you might think. As with any other product, you want to purchase the highest quality shipping crates available but for a competitive price.

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Renovate Your Home with Decorative Wood Pallets

02-22-2017   Post by | Admin

When it comes to wood pallets, there is a good chance that your mind immediately thinks of warehouses and distribution centers. Although pallets are commonly found in storage and transportation facilities, they also have an entirely different purpose. They make an excellent design element for the home.

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Points to Remember When Looking for a Custom Crates Manufacturer

02-20-2017   Post by | Admin

Just as the name implies, custom crates are designed and manufactured based on a customer’s needs. While some industries and applications can get by using simple crates, others require crates that are made based on very strict specifications.

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Benefits of Using Wooden Skids for Transporting Your Packages

02-17-2017   Post by | Admin

Trying to get packages from one location to another is always risky, especially when the goods are fragile. Fortunately, wooden skids are an ideal solution. When made of quality wood coming from a reputable source, skids help ensure that packages arrive at their destination in one piece.

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Tree Brand Packaging Launches Coil Cradles for Steel Service Centers 

02-15-2017   Post by | Admin

Tree Brand Packaging, based in Charlotte, NC, has announced the addition of heavy-duty hardwood Coil Cradles to its range of specialty packaging for steel service centers. According to Mike Drake, GM, Tree Brand’s Tennessee Division and a steel.....

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Tree Brand Packaging Launches Coil Storage Rack Systems 

02-14-2017   Post by | Admin

Tree Brand Packaging, based in Charlotte, NC, has announced the addition of two heavy-duty hardwood Coil Storage Racking Systems to its range of specialty packaging for steel service centers.

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Tree Brand Packaging Expands Operations with New Facility in Alabama

02-13-2017   Post by | Admin

Tree Brand Packaging, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., has just announced the launch of a new facility in Ranburne, Al. “We are committed to locating in close proximity to our customers – it’s the most effective way to provide...

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Making a Workshop Foundation with Wooden Skids

11-28-2016   Post by | Admin

If interested in building a new workshop, one of the first and most important decisions to make has to do with the foundations. Although you can consider different options, wooden skids are an excellent choice.

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Benefits of Foundations Made from Wooden Skids

11-24-2016   Post by | Admin

If you live in Atlanta or the surrounding area and want to build a new shed or workshop, you will definitely benefit from using wooden skids. In fact, wooden skids have become the preferred material for foundations in Atlanta. Compared to concrete and other materials, several key advantages come from using wood skids or even custom wood skids.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

08-01-2016   Post by | Admin

When it comes to wooden pallet manufacturers, not all are created equal. The pallet manufacturing process and the finished product are often unique. For an outstanding product and service, many people rely on Tree Brand Packaging when purchasing wooden pallets from Atlanta.

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Safe Delivery Every Time with Quality Wooden Crates

07-25-2016   Post by | Admin

For entrepreneurs to achieve success in today’s world, they must be able to reach global markets. Rather than limit themselves to local and regional destinations, they ship products all over the world by air and/or water. This allows entrepreneurs to expand and grow their businesses. To ensure the product arrives at its final destination in perfect condition, exporters rely on high-quality packaging solutions.

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Retailers Getting Creative by Using Wooden Crates for Display

07-11-2016   Post by | Admin

Typically, people think of shipping and storage when they hear the words “wooden crates,” but there are many other options to consider. A perfect example: Many retailers have discovered that shipping crates are an excellent solution for displaying merchandise. Instead of spending a significant amount of money on metal or plastic displays, both standard and custom wood crates are preferred solutions.

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Wooden Pallets Make Shipping Easier

07-04-2016   Post by | Admin

Although wooden pallets may not seem aesthetically pleasing, they provide numerous benefits. Standard wood pallets have been used for more than a century to transport all types of goods. One huge advantage to using pallets from Atlanta Company Tree Brand Packaging is that they make shipping much easier than using pallets made from other materials, like plastic.

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Quality Custom Skids in Charlotte

06-08-2016   Post by | Admin

When it comes to shipping, there is no such thing as one solution. Simply put, every shipping order needs to be handled uniquely, based on the type, size, and configuration of the material being shipped. Even the final destination plays a key role in the decision-making process. Understanding the customer’s needs, as well as current government mandates, means that Tree Brand Packaging offers a wide range of shipping solutions, including custom skids in Charlotte.

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Purchasing Customized Wood Crates in Charlotte

06-01-2016   Post by | Admin

When shipping merchandise nationally or internationally, you need the best wood crates available. Although there are many worthwhile contenders, Tree Brand Packaging, Inc. has become a trusted source for a variety of reasons. Without question, wood crates in Charlotte from Tree Brand are the best.

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Benefits of Tree Brand Packaging Custom Pallets from Atlanta

05-15-2016   Post by | Admin

For storage, as well as transport, you could purchase ordinary pallets, but when shipping high-dollar or fragile merchandise, you want something better than the ordinary. At Tree Brand Packaging, custom pallets in Atlanta are made to outperform, ensuring that your items will arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Even something large or oddly shaped can be accommodated with custom pallets.

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Tips for Selecting Quality Crates in Atlanta

05-07-2016   Post by | Admin

Regardless of the industry or type of material being transported, it is important to choose the highest-quality crates in Atlanta. Although you may think that all crates are created equal, in reality, there are distinct differences in material, manufacturing processes, workmanship, and so on. Therefore, start by selecting a reputable company that offers years of experience and expertise. One of the top choices is Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., known for their superior products.

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Value-Added Services for Wood Crates in Atlanta

03-28-2016   Post by | Admin

Although there are many wood crate manufacturers that provide services in and around the Atlanta area, one company stands out from the competition. Tree Brand Packaging uses high quality wood, has strict manufacturing and evaluation processes, and provides “value added” packaging services that are unrivaled.

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Wood Boxes Charlotte

02-25-2016   Post by | Admin

Although you might be tempted to design and develop your own wood boxes in Charlotte to get product to a customer, vendor, or distributor, there is incredible risk. Because Tree Brand Packaging offers affordable services, having this company handle the packaging for you is a better option.

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Standard versus Specialty Pallets

01-22-2016   Post by | Admin

The list of things that make Tree Brand Packaging unique from the competition is quite lengthy but one has to do with pallets. In addition to more standard pallets such as block and stringer, the company offers a nice selection of specialty pallets. These include plywood deck pallets, cradles and reel pallets, lag pallets, and corrugated and wood combination pallets.

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Opportunities inUsing Wood Crates in Charlotte

12-29-2015   Post by | Admin

Although wood crates in Charlotte are often usedfor shipping product nationally and internationally, they provide another key serviceas well. Because wood is strong and durable, many designs can be stacked.Therefore, wood crates are an exceptional solution when storing items in awarehouse .

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Tips for Finding Reputable Wood Crate Manufacturers

11-26-2015   Post by | Admin

When searching for reputable wood crate manufacturers, the process can become somewhat daunting. After all, there are several key things to consider when making the right selection. Although ordering wood crates for shipping or storage may not seem like a big deal, the truth is this product can have a very significant impact on your business, good or bad.

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Growing your Business with Wood Crates in Nashville

10-30-2015   Post by | Admin

As part of growing your business there are many decisions to make. If you have product that needs to be shipped and/or stored, one decision is determining the most cost-efficient and securest solution possible. For this, using high quality wood crates in Nashville would be ideal.

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Growing a Business with Wood Boxes Nashville

09-29-2015   Post by | Admin

There is a multitude of reasons for using wood boxes in Nashville. Companies of various industries purchase boxes for shipping and storage or hire a professional to handle the packaging and shipping on their behalf. Either way, it is imperative to work with a trusted source so you have confidence the product will arrive safely and on schedule.

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Overview of Wood Boxes in Atlanta

08-29-2015   Post by | Admin

Because wood boxes in Atlanta are used by a wide range of industries, they serve very different purposes. However, no matter the use, wood boxes manufactured by Tree Brand Packaging are designed to ensure contents are protected and therefore, arrive to the destination in perfect condition. In order for this happen, every box goes through a strict evaluation process by someone with expertise.

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Benefits and Uses of Custom Boxes in Atlanta

07-27-2015   Post by | Admin

Every industry has a slightly different need when it comes to storage and transportation. Because of that, standard boxes simply do not work. To accommodate every customer, Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., is one of the top suppliers of custom boxes in Atlanta and around the country that goes above and beyond to ensure every customer has the right solution

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What to Look for in Wood Box Manufacturers

06-27-2015   Post by | Admin

As with all businesses, there are distinct differences among various wood box manufacturers. Although the type of work and even some of the products and services might be similar, there are still many unique aspects. If you have an upcoming need and need to begin looking at wood box manufacturers, it will help to know exactly the questions to ask and what to look for.

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Crates & Boxes

05-21-2015   Post by | Admin

Available in an almost infinite range of designs and configurations, TBP Crates & Boxes are currently used to package diverse products, from automotive door panels, hoods, and fenders, heavy industrial equipment, to military firearms. If getting your products safely through a brutal supply chain to their final destinations without damage is a challenge; Look to TBP for proven solutions.

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Pallets & Skids

04-21-2015   Post by | Admin

From its three facilities in the Southeast, TBP is able tosupply an expanding list of industrial clients with a rangeof products, from high-volume standard wood pallets,custom pallets for specialized applications, to heavy- dutycustom skids enhanced with protective cushioning.

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Benefits of Heavy Duty Custom Pallets

03-12-2015   Post by | Admin

Among the many different products designed and manufactured by Tree Brand Packaging are heavy duty custom pallets. These pallets are different from others since they are required to carry a much greater load. Being a customized product, the company will use your specifications or make recommendations to design and build the pallets to application criteria. While some companies use plastic pallets, Tree Brand Packaging primarily makes heavy duty custom pallets from quality hardwood. Because of this, the product is ultimately stronger and more versatile.

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The Value of Wood Skids

02-12-2015   Post by | Admin

The single greatest use of wood in the United States is pallets and skids. Made from a variety of wood species and used by many different industries, wood skids provide tremendous value. Often, skids are designed and built for shipping a specific product but because it is not cost effective to return them to the original sender they get reused.From a business perspective, you want to order wood skids from a reputable company so you know your product will be delivered safety or stored securely.Although the primary wood species used in making skids is oak, many companies like Tree Brand Packaging have found that other hardwoods work just as good, if not better.-

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Using Tru-Rail Plastic Lumber for Storing Metal

01-12-2015   Post by | Admin

While it might seem strange to use plastic lumber for storing metal, this is one of the very services that Tree Brand Packaging offers. Known as â€ï¿½Specialty Packagingâ€ï¿½, this consists of design and innovative materials coming together for an extremely innovative solution.The plastic lumber for storing metal is called the â€ï¿½TRU-RAIL Returnable Support Packaging Systemâ€ï¿½, which is a more cost-efficient alternative to skids made from wood.

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