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Here at Tree Brand Packaging, we are a family-owned manufacturer and custom services provider operating from three facilities located in the thriving Southeast region of the country. Our primary lines of business are: Custom Pallets & Skids; Custom Crates & Boxes; Specialty Packaging; Packaging Procurement Solutions; and Value-Added Packaging Services.The TBP team is proud to leverage over 20 years of packaging experience and service expertise to design and deliver the most cost-effective, performance-based distribution packaging solutions possible for our expanding range of industrial clients. Look to Tree Brand to precisely execute your packaging specifications, provide alternative and cost-saving options, or design fresh packaging that will assure product safety through your supply chain. We're here to be your "full-service" source for custom packaging!


"Quality is giving our customers exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. Our quality promise must be fulfilled 100% of the time. We must stay focused on each order, no matter how small, or how large, or how complicated. Lastly - Never Stand Still!"

Tree Brand Sustainability Commitment

The Tree Brand Packaging Leadership Team, Left to Right: Mike Helms, Vice President; Al Helms, Chairman; and Chris Helms, President

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Tree Brand Packaging was founded in 1990 by Al Helms, a recently retired plant manager for a major steel company. Having far too much energy to relax into a simple life, Al seized the opportunity to address a chronic problem for industrial companies - sourcing "consistent quality" and "world-class service" from pallet and packaging providers. Starting small from a rented building located in the Charlotte, NC area, Al began to build the custom production model that still forms the backbone of Tree Brand's manufacturing strength. Meeting unmet demand in the marketplace, the company grew quickly, and by 1992, the first building at the current company location was purchased.Tree Brand now occupies over 50,000 square feet of custom manufacturing space at its headquarters, with sales and corporate management consolidated at this site, as well.

With a jumpstart into a market that Al Helms knew intimately, the initial focus for Tree Brand was the steel industry, which today accounts for 50% of TBP's business. As the company branched out to serve other industrial and high-tech markets, Al's son Mike Helms joined the company. Mike brought four years of steel industry experience to the job, a valuable foundation for both technical sales and logistics services. The company continued to gain momentum, and in 1991, Mike's brother Chris Helms left his job as a probation officer in the criminal justice and public safety field, and brought his skill set in personnel management and team-building to Tree Brand. From the start, the Helms family has provided the core leadership team for Tree Brand Packaging.

As a customer-driven enterprise, the niche market for "super-customized" pallets, skids, crates, and boxes has resulted in the development of specialized assembly technology at TBP, including jig fixtures and steel tables. Tree Brand is capable of cost-efficiently producing over a thousand different footprints for its customers, and has over 500 parts in inventory at any given time. High-speed automated assembly equipment for standard pallet sizes has recently been installed to supply Tree Brand customer demand.In addition, a portfolio of value-added services such as heat-treating, VMI, PDS-verified design, dipping, and procurement solutions provide support capabilities for customer requirements.

As business growth pushed capacity, in March of 2003, Tree Brand established a second manufacturing and service location in the transportation hub of Chattanooga, TN. This 30,000 square foot facility also extended Tree Brand's reach in critical markets, increased TBP proximity to customer operations, and kept freight and logistics costs affordable. These same factors have driven Tree Brand's recent expansion into Georgia, with a full-service production facility in Atlanta.

Although the primary custom packaging business and service portfolio make Tree Brand a "regional" supplier, new developments in the Specialty Packaging arena are taking the TBP product line "national". With the recent introduction of the TRU-RAIL Returnable Support Packaging System for steel products, and other industrial applications, Tree Brand is now offering its unique industry knowledge and proven technology to a wider market. Never standing still is more than a mission at Tree Brand – stay tuned for more innovative and cost-saving custom packaging and service solutions for your business in the near future -
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Tree Brand Packaging has been relying on sustainable business practices from our first production model, a process that stressed "conserving material for reuse in other packaging products." Wringing waste out of operations and passing the cost savings on to our customers is a prime economic motivator. This lean approach also delivers powerful "green" and environmentally responsible advantages, too. As the TBP team works with our customers to design or redesign packaging for optimal performance, reducing waste and increasing cost-efficiency are critical criteria. Tree Brand has a stake in supporting our customer's sustainability initiatives on all levels.

From an operational standpoint, Tree Brand has a full-circle integrated waste strategy for all materials that we utilize. At our headquarters facility in Charlotte, an energy-efficient Cresswood "Destroyer" HF-60 Single-Shaft, Low-RPM Wood Grinder processes blocks, end trims, and reject material from cut-up lines down to the uniform particle size required by our secondary markets in one quick pass. We are able to consistently move the material from all of our grinding operations to mulch markets, or sell it as biomass energy feedstock. Our ground product is high-quality, post-industrial fuel from clean scrap, and very desirable for biomass operations. TBP diverts packaging waste from landfills with our dedicated recovery and recycling operations. We are also prepared to work with you to implement your sustainability initiatives -
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  • Steel & Metal Centers
  • Aluminum
  • Alloy Bars
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Clean Air/Pollution Control
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Import/Export
  • Turbines
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Green Energy

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    Tree Brand Packaging, Inc.

      Main Plant and Offices:
      7971 Graham Rd.
      Denver, NC 28037
      Phone: 704-483-0719
      Email: info@treebrand.com 
    TBP – Founding Members – The Helms Family
    Denver, North Carolina (from Google Maps)
    Denver, North Carolina (from Google Maps)


      1230 Hwy 156 
      South Pittsburg, TN 37380
      Phone: 423-837-0995
      Email: info@treebrand.com 
    South Pittsburg, Tennessee (from Google Maps)
    South Pittsburg, Tennessee (from Google Maps)


      27561 Main St. 
      Ranburne, AL 36273
      Phone: 256-568-2338
      Email: info@treebrand.com 
    Ranburne, Alabama (from Google Maps)
    Ranburne, Alabama (from Google Maps)


      South Carolina:
      825 Bunch Ford Rd. 
      Holly Hill, SC 29059 
      Phone: 803-496-1244
      Email: info@treebrand.com 
    Holly Hill, South Carolina (from Google Maps)
    Holly Hill, South Carolina (from Google Maps)


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