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Wooden Pallets Make Shipping Easier

 04-07-2016   Post by | Admin 

Although wooden pallets may not seem aesthetically pleasing, they provide numerous benefits. Standard wood pallets have been used for more than a century to transport all types of goods. One huge advantage to using pallets from Atlanta Company Tree Brand Packaging is that they make shipping much easier than using pallets made from other materials, like plastic.

Plastic pallets are typically used to ship items that weigh 1,500 pounds or less. However, wood pallets can handle items up to 3,000 pounds. Because of this, wooden pallets are far more versatile as far as the types of businesses that use them and the items that are shipped on them. Another shipping benefit is that wood pallets from Atlanta are more affordably priced than other options.

Additional Shipping Benefits

Custom pallets can be repaired if they are damaged. If wood pallets from Atlanta arrive at the destination damaged, a repair is usually quick and easy to make. As a result, there are no delays in using the same pallets for additional legs of the journey. This keeps things on schedule, which is critical for companies that use wood pallets and the end-users of the shipped products.

Unlike plastic pallets, which must be returned to the shipping company, custom wooden pallets are simply used over and over. In other words, once wood pallets are shipped, they arrive at the destination. From there, wood pallets from Atlanta are reused and sent to the next location. This makes scheduling and transportation much easier.

Especially when shipping items overseas, wooden pallets are the preferred choice because they do not have to be returned to the original shipping company. When choosing wooden pallets from Atlanta Company Tree Brand Packaging, all requirements for foreign shipping destinations are met. You can have 100% confidence in the product and service you receive.

Wooden pallets are also a safe option. Plastic actually burns much hotter than wood and releases toxic gas. From a safety perspective, wood pallets from Atlanta reduce shipping risk. The bottom line: If you need to ship something heavy, you want a safe option, and the pallets are being shipped to a destination where they would not be returned, the easy choice is pallets constructed from wood. Copyright © 2013 Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., All Rights Reserved
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