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Wood Boxes Charlotte

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Although you might be tempted to design and develop your own wood boxes in Charlotte to get product to a customer, vendor, or distributor, there is incredible risk. Because Tree Brand Packaging offers affordable services, having this company handle the packaging for you is a better option.

In addition to being experts in designing and manufacturing wood boxes and crates of all sizes and configurations, this company uses special processes and in-house technology that ensures your product is completely protected. Tree Brand Packaging also follows strict national and international regulations that go hand-in-hand with shipping.

Tree Brand Packaging offers standard and customized solutions for wood boxes in Charlotte using your specifications or through their own design team. Regardless, the result is an exceptional box that will get your product where it needs to go without running into challenges.

Handling Export Shipments

For someone who has little to no experience with packaging and shipping it may not seem like that big a deal but in reality, there are numerous factors that have to be considered whenever product of any kind is handled. This is the primary reason why depending on the professional services of Tree Brand Packaging makes perfect sense.

Leaving the job to the experts at Tree Brand Packaging will save you both time and money. Especially when shipping product overseas, there are very strict requirements that must be met. The professionals with this company have full knowledge of how customs works and what officials look for.

To ensure your product does not sit for hours, days, or even longer while waiting to get through customs, the company meets all mandates to ensure your product is processed quickly and efficiently. Remember, every destination’s origin has unique criteria when it comes to materials, labels, product, and more. Because there is serious risk to foreign substances, insects, and other things being taken into different countries, regulations exist. Tree Brand Packaging takes these criteria seriously.

As an example, the company offers ISPM 15 certified Heat Treatment services for lumber but also finished wood boxes, skids, cradles, pallets, and crates. With this, international shipping phytosanitary requirements are met. As a Packaging Research Laboratory certified company, Tree Brand Packaging has in-depth knowledge of how containers need to be manufactured and of overseas shipping regulations. Copyright © 2013 Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., All Rights Reserved
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