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Standard versus Specialty Pallets

 22-01-2016   Post by | Admin 

The list of things that make Tree Brand Packaging unique from the competition is quite lengthy but one has to do with pallets. In addition to more standard pallets such as block and stringer, the company offers a nice selection of specialty pallets. These include plywood deck pallets, cradles and reel pallets, lag pallets, and corrugated and wood combination pallets.

Tree Brand Packaging also builds corrugated pallets, plastic pallets, and Inca Presswood. As added service, you have an option of choosing from different protective components such as floating floors, diet-cut foam inserts, and shock absorbing floors. The company even has a unique Specialty Packaging area in which innovative design and materials meet.

Regardless of your product, this company has a perfect solution at an affordable price. Of course, it will need to be determined which of the specialty pallets you need based on how they will be used. For example, a professional with Tree Brand Packaging will determine if the pallets will be used to ship product national or internationally, or perhaps for storing items in a warehouse as inventory.

Key Benefits of Pallets

Specialty pallets offer tremendous value regardless of intended use.

  • Constructed from material that will provide years of outstanding service
  • Strong, durable, and relatively lightweight
  • Space saving design
  • Easily adaptable
  • Cost efficient
  • Reusable
  • Better return on investment
  • Virtually indestructible

If you need specialty pallets for shipping product overseas, Tree Brand Packaging follows strict phytosanitary requirements. With this, the wood is specially treated in a water-soluble solution that not only prevents mold but also the introduction and spread of plant pests into other countries. To help your product get through customs without delay, the company uses the WPM Stamp that is easily recognized by officials.

Long-Lasting Service

Another key benefit of choosing specialty pallets from Tree Brand Packaging is that they are made to last. This company uses in-house technology, high quality material, and state-of-the-art processes to create an excellent product. For instance, plywood deck pallets last on average seven years, making them a more cost-effective solution over time compared with traditional board deck wood pallets.

In fact, many studies have been performed on these specialty pallets that show plywood deck pallets sustain less damage and need fewer repairs than any other type of pallet in existence.