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Tips for Selecting Quality Crates in Atlanta

 07-05-2016   Post by | Admin 

Regardless of the industry or type of material being transported, it is important to choose the highest-quality crates in Atlanta. Although you may think that all crates are created equal, in reality, there are distinct differences in material, manufacturing processes, workmanship, and so on. Therefore, start by selecting a reputable company that offers years of experience and expertise. One of the top choices is Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., known for their superior products.

Size and Configuration

When looking at standard products, you will quickly see that most crates come in standard sizes and configurations. However, if you have an overly large or oddly shaped item that needs to be shipped, customization becomes critical. Because the experts at Tree Brand Packaging are involved with the design of crates, they can build and deliver virtually anything you need. In fact, crates from Atlanta that are designed and manufactured by this company are available in an almost infinite range of options.

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials used for crates in Atlanta is also important. Obviously, a cheap material cannot withstand the journey. The crate might crack or bust open, exposing the merchandise inside to damage. Quality of material is something that the professionals at Tree Brand Packaging take very seriously. For both standard and customized products, only the finest materials are used.

To ensure that performance characteristics of crates from Atlanta fulfil every customer’s order, the company maintains a large inventory of high-quality raw materials. However, when specialized materials are needed, the company does have multiple trustworthy and reliable sources. As part of this inventory, the company has on hand plywood, hardwood, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce, Pine, Fir, OSB, and more.

Company Protocols

Even company protocols should be considered when purchasing crates in Atlanta. You want to look for a company that offers a customer-focused packaging solutions, cost-optimized design, build and ship solutions, materials with limited exposure to environmental damage, and quality assurance that guarantees predictable results.

Because of the protocols that Tree Brand Packaging has in place, the process of buying crates from Atlanta is seamless. In addition to quality materials, export certification, and outstanding customer service and support, the primary things these experts focus on include:

  • Onsite packaging design
  • CAD design for customer-supplied specifications
  • Precision lumber cutting
  • Added value products and services
  • Proprietary manufacturing technology
  • Custom fabrication and assembly
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