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Retailers Getting Creative by Using Wooden Crates for Display

 11-07-2016   Post by | Admin 

Typically, people think of shipping and storage when they hear the words “wooden crates,” but there are many other options to consider. A perfect example: Many retailers have discovered that shipping crates are an excellent solution for displaying merchandise. Instead of spending a significant amount of money on metal or plastic displays, both standard and custom wood crates are preferred solutions.

In comparison to other materials, wooden crates are extremely sturdy. Therefore, they are perfect for displaying all types of merchandise, which encourages purchases. Another huge benefit is that crates made of pine and other quality timber are affordable. If someone needs crates in Atlanta, they can visit a reputable supplier. To buy wooden crates, the retailer simply chooses the quantity, size, and shape needed.

Wooden Crates for Holiday Displays

Probably one of the best ways to utilize shipping crates is for seasonal displays. Because of stiff competition, retailers must get creative during the holidays. For virtually all holidays, shipping crates made from wood are ideal for one-of-a-kind displays. As an example, shipping crates are commonly used in the fall as a way of displaying pumpkins, apples, wheat, squash, beautiful mums, and other fall favorites. Whether used to inspire shoppers during Halloween or Thanksgiving, wooden shipping crates are excellent for displaying store items.

Of course, retailers can use wooden crates for virtually any season and/or holiday. One option is to use crates when putting clothing and back-to-school supplies on display. Of course, a clothing retailer can buy wooden crates to showcase merchandise any time of the year. Other examples of merchandise that retailers can put on display with crates made of wood include bath and beauty products, pet supplies, toys, real and silk flowers, colorful candies, and baked goods.

Wooden crates have a natural country look and feel, which can benefit any retailer, regardless of the type of business. In fact, this very country aura puts shoppers at ease and promotes buying. Unlike plastic and metal displays, which can look cold and cheap, shipping crates made from quality timber are warm and inviting. For many retailers, crates made of wood add a rustic appeal that draws customers in. Copyright © 2013 Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., All Rights Reserved
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