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Quality Custom Skids in Charlotte

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When it comes to shipping, there is no such thing as one solution. Simply put, every shipping order needs to be handled uniquely, based on the type, size, and configuration of the material being shipped. Even the final destination plays a key role in the decision-making process. Understanding the customer’s needs, as well as current government mandates, means that Tree Brand Packaging offers a wide range of shipping solutions, including custom skids in Charlotte.

Skid versus Pallet

Although the term “skid” is interchangeable with “pallet,” there are a few specific differences between the two. Often, single-deck pallets are exactly the same as skids, meaning there is a top but no bottom deck. With this design, stacking, transporting, and storage is easy. For oddly shaped or oversized objects, custom skids in Charlotte generally outperform pallets.

While pallets usually measure 40 by 48 inches, custom skids in Charlotte by Tree Brand Packaging can be designed in a variety of sizes for all uses. Although skids are used in warehouses, without the strength and durability required for long-term service, pallets are typically the preferred choice. However, for distribution, skids are unbeatable.

Product Availability

In addition to custom skids in Charlotte, Tree Brand Packaging offers skids with protective components to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

  • Floating floors
  • Die-cut foam inserts
  • Shock-absorbing floors

Along with more conventional services, Tree Brand Packaging provides added value for custom skids in Charlotte through mold inhibitor dipping. Something else to consider when looking for custom skids in Charlotte is the quality of material, as well as certification for export.

Custom skids from Charlotte Tree Brand Packaging are heat treated. Using an innovative technology, the lumber goes through three H-T chambers, where it is exposed to temperatures reaching 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, risk of environmental damage is dramatically reduced, as is the cost of production.

The company also meets phytosanitary requirements associated with international shipping by being ISPM 15 certified. This, along with heat-treatment services, is available for all finished products, including custom skids.

Tree Brand Packaging also utilizes the WPM stamp, which is quickly recognized by customs officials and is required on all heat-treated wood packaging being exported. As a result, your merchandise passes international inspection quickly and easily, so there is no delay in getting your product to its final overseas destination. Copyright © 2013 Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., All Rights Reserved
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