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Overview of Wood Boxes in Atlanta

29-08-2015   Post by | Admin

Because wood boxes in Atlanta are used by a wide range of industries, they serve very different purposes. However, no matter the use, wood boxes manufactured by Tree Brand Packaging are designed to ensure contents are protected and therefore, arrive to the destination in perfect condition. In order for this happen, every box goes through a strict evaluation process by someone with expertise.

Industry Uses

Just a few examples of industries that commonly use wood boxes in Atlanta include: 
  • Aerospace.
  • Automotive.
  • Clean Air and Pollution Control.
  • Green Energy.
  • Import/Export.
  • Military.
  • Refrigeration Equipment.
  •  Telecommunications. 

Materials Used

In addition to a tight inspection process, Tree Brand Packaging offers a variety of different materials for wood boxes in Atlanta. With this, the company has the ability to meet the demand of valued customers. To create strong and durable boxes, high quality raw materials in inventory are used but if a different type or grade of material is required, the company has established relationships with leading lumber suppliers.

Composite Board.

  • Corrugated Paperboard.
  • Fiberboard.
  • Hardwood.
  • MDF.
  • OSB.
  • Particle Board (standard and fire-rated).
  • Plywood.
  • SPF – Spruce, Pine, Fir.
  • SYP - Southern Yellow Pine.

Along with wood, the company uses plastic, shock-absorbing materials, and die-cut foam inserts according to need. 

Types of Wood Boxes

As mentioned, Tree Brand Packaging has the experience to make virtually any type of wood boxes in Atlanta needed. Once it has been determined how the box will be used, in-house technology is used to produce an accurate assembly of the custom box design ordered.

  • Shipping Boxes/Crates.
  • Custom Boxes/Crates.
  • Specialty Boxes (parts boxes, steel bar boxes, truck door boxes).
When shipping more fragile merchandise, the company uses the appropriate protective component. Options include floating floors, shock absorbing floors, stabilization blocks, and die-cut foam inserts. The company also offers a nice selection of additional services such as quick assembly clips, skid-mates, drop down doors, hinged lids, collapsible or built boxes, and even labeling and stencilling.

If wood boxes in Atlanta are being ordered to export product, Tree Brand Packaging offers ISPM 15 certified Heat Treatment services for all their products in order to meet phytosanitary requirements associated with international shipping. To ensure customs officials recognize that mandates are being met, the company utilizes the WPM Stamp.