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The Importance of Choosing the Right Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

 01-08-2016   Post by | Admin 

When it comes to wooden pallet manufacturers, not all are created equal. The pallet manufacturing process and the finished product are often unique. For an outstanding product and service, many people rely on Tree Brand Packaging when purchasing wooden pallets from Atlanta.

Tree Brand Packaging offers much more than standard and custom pallets made from hardwood and softwood. Although this company has a solid reputation for manufacturing a superior wooden pallet, its other products are also made to high industry standards, including skids, crates, and boxes. In fact, the company also offers specialty packaging.

Unique Manufacturing Processes for Wood Pallets

It is important to understand the unique way that Tree Brand Packaging manufactures wood pallets. Regardless if you need standard or custom wood pallets, an innovative dip-immersion method is used that controls mold. This method works extremely well for creating wood pallets from both hardwood and softwood. This treatment uses a water-soluble surface fungicide approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Another reason for choosing wood pallets from Atlanta company Tree Brand Packaging is that the lumber is heat treated. As a result, every wooden pallet meets international shipping regulations. In fact, this company uses the WPM Stamp recognized by customs officials, which makes it stand out from other manufacturers. As a result, shipped items are not held up in customs, which would have a huge impact on the scheduling budget, not to mention the customer’s reputation.

When choosing a manufacturer for high-quality wood pallets, skids, boxes, and other shipping products, you want to look for one that utilizes high-capacity HEPA filters. Used by Tree Brand Packaging, HEPA filters are essential when products go into highly controlled and regulated environments. One example of the cutting capabilities for custom pallets is HEPA Filter Frames, which are used for high-tech applications.

Regardless if you need to order wooden pallets or some other type of storage or shipping product, the manufacturing process, handling, storage, and transportation all make a difference in their quality. Because of this, Tree Brand Packaging is known as the best wood pallet manufacturer in the U.S. Copyright © 2013 Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., All Rights Reserved
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