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Benefits of Tree Brand Packaging Custom Pallets from Atlanta

 15-05-2016   Post by | Admin 

For storage, as well as transport, you could purchase ordinary pallets, but when shipping high-dollar or fragile merchandise, you want something better than the ordinary. At Tree Brand Packaging, custom pallets in Atlanta are made to outperform, ensuring that your items will arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Even something large or oddly shaped can be accommodated with custom pallets.

Beyond the Norm

In addition to standard block and stringer pallets, Tree Brand Packaging designs and builds pallets according to application criteria. For added value, the company offers mold inhibitor dipping and protective components like die-cut foam inserts, shock-absorbing floors, and floating floors.

Tree Brand Packaging also uses an automated nailing system to produce a high volume of custom pallets in Atlanta, without compromising on quality. Even the caliber of materials is unique. Along with their large inventory of high-quality raw materials, Tree Brand Packaging can source specialized materials if necessary. The type of materials on hand for making custom pallets include:

  • Chipboard, composite board, particle board, and fireboard (standard and fire-rated)
  • Corrugated paperboard
  • Hardwood
  • OSB
  • Pine (green and surfaced)
  • Plastic
  • Plywood
  • Softwood

You also benefit when you purchase heat-treated custom pallets in Atlanta from Tree Brand Packaging. Although chemical treating is an option, the highly toxic methyl bromide used to treat the wood creates risk for the environment. Therefore, the company chooses heat-treating, whereby lumber goes through three chambers while being exposed to temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

This heat treating of custom pallets from Atlanta dramatically reduces the risk of pathogenic fungus and insects. For instance, the elm bark beetle decimated populations of the elm tree as they spread throughout North America. One of the most recent threats is the emerald ash bore, first discovered in Michigan. The bore’s larvae feed on the inner bark, ultimately killing the tree. Since 2002, literally millions of ash trees in the US and Canada have been destroyed by this insect. Because the pallets are heat treated, they reduce the risk of fungus and insects, a huge advantage for the lumber industry.

In addition to being a more effective form of protection, heat treating the custom pallets from Atlanta makes them less expensive compared to chemical treatment, which is costly. As a result, Tree Brand Packaging has the opportunity to pass the savings down to the customer. Ultimately, you end up with an exceptional product that will protect your merchandise without you spending a fortune or the environment being damaged.

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