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Benefits and Uses of Custom Boxes in Atlanta

27-07-2015   Post by | Admin

Benefits and Uses of Custom Boxes in Atlanta Every industry has a slightly different need when it comes to storage and transportation. Because of that, standard boxes simply do not work. To accommodate every customer, Tree Brand Packaging, Inc., is one of the top suppliers of custom boxes in Atlanta and around the country that goes above and beyond to ensure every customer has the right solution.

Rather than take a cookie-cutter approach when a unique size, configuration, or material is required, the company offers a consultation as a means of learning exactly what the customer needs. Whether custom boxes in Atlanta and other locations are required to store or deliver automotive parts, military firearms, heavy equipment, or something else, the company excels in what it does

Special Offerings

In addition to Tree Brand Packaging having the ability to design and deliver custom boxes in Atlanta of different sizes and configurations, it offers a wide range of materials, including the following:

  • Hardwood
  • Hardwood
  • Plywood
  • SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir)
  • OSB
  • Particle Board (both standard and fire-rated), Chipboard, Composite Board, and Fiberboard
  • Shock-Absorbing Materials
  • Plastic

Regardless of the material, the professionals with Tree Brand Packaging fully understand that there are multiple applications when it comes to storage and shipping containers. This is why there are so many different options, all of high quality and backed with a solid guarantee.

For custom boxes in Atlanta and other areas constructed of wood, the company treats the material in several ways to ensure it meets strict manufacturing, shipping, and company standards. For instance, because wood is naturally prone to problems with mold, the custom boxes are manufactured from only the highest-quality materials and subjected to a special dip immersion process.

Wood used for custom boxes in Atlanta also goes through a heat treatment process and is ISPM 15 certified for shipments going overseas. This process involves a unique technology whereby the wood goes through three heat-treated chambers.

The Bottom Line

No matter the type of material, size, or configuration needed, Tree Brand Packaging has an outstanding reputation for being among the best when it comes to custom boxes in Atlanta. This company takes the needs of every customer very seriously and works hard to provide the right product.

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